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Get a fair compensation quickly as claiming is your right! No payments until your case is settled. 

A public adjuster is an insurance claim adjuster who advocates for the policy holder when evaluating and negotiating an insurance claim. A public adjuster is the only type of claims adjuster who can legally represent an insured’s rights during an insurance claim process before companies.

Definitely Not. It would be a serious violation for any insurance company to discriminate against you in any way for exercising a right granted by the State of Florida.

Yes. You have every right. You can request to reopen the case or resubmit it. Do not disqualify yourself, remember that It is your right to file a claim! You can resubmit your claim and if you don’t think you were paid the correct amount, the insurance company will not answer you, let us to review your case and contact us.
We will carefully audit and analyze your claim and provide a free professional consultation.

A public adjuster is an expert in insurance adjustments, who is licensed and certified by the Florida Department of Financial Services to work exclusively for the benefit of the policy holder and is regulated by this same entity.

You must call us immediately after:

  • You detect damage.
  • Are a victim of an event.
  • When you detect that something is wrong and that it is damaging your home or workplace.
  • If your house is over 15 years old and you have not carried out an inspection of your roof.
  • For any type of humidity, mold, water leakage or hidden damage in your business premises or home.

The sooner you file the claim, the process will be faster and more successful.

The fee is calculated by a percentage of the amount recovered from the insurance company. These percentages are regulated by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Remember, you only pay us if the claim was successful and the insurance company pays the claim, that percentage goes out of the money paid by the insurance company never leaves your pocket.

Never trust a person who asks you for money to represent you.

Studies have clearly shown that the majority of claims that have been made directly by policy holders to insurance companies were paid less than if they had hired the services of a Public Adjuster. Because the case is regularly incomplete and they do not use the forms and systems that the insurer uses.

By hiring the services of a Public Adjuster, you hire a person with the same education and knowledge as the insurance companies’ adjuster. The Florida Claims Advisors Public Adjusters know the procedures, terms, forms and documents so that your case is properly evaluated and paid to be able to cover the expenses of your home or business.

Our expertise and experience allow us to successfully represent our clients every day. That’s why we say with pride, and at the same time with humbleness, that we have helped more than 3,000 families in the state of Florida to claim their rights.

Knowledge, expertise and experience lead us to successfully represent our clients every day, whyich is why we say with pride and at the same time humbly, that we have helped more than 3,000 families in the state of Florida to claim their rights and compensation.

The insurance company adjuster are employees of the insurance company. They work for them and therefore cannot protect your interests. They protect the interests of their employer.

  • The insurance company’s adjuster will often try to offer a settlement claim for an amount that they deem appropriate, always in favor of the company, paying you the least amount possible.
  • A Public adjuster is an insurance adjuster expert who works exclusively for you and for you as the policy holder.

At Florida Claims Advisors we are experts in handling claims, understanding your policy, coverage and the responsibilities of the insurance company to negotiate a better agreement, because we understand and value what each home and business means to its owner.

There is no claim that is too big or too small. Just call us to analyze your claim and we will give our professional opinion, all at no cost to you. Do not disqualify yourself by believing your damage is small and insignificant. It may surprise you.

Filing A Claim Is Your Right


We negotiate on your behalf, freeing you from the persistent demands of insurance companies, and you can receive the full amount you deserve, leaving your property in the same conditions before the damage.

From Start To Finish

We take your case from start to finish, without you having to deal with the insurance company, whatever your case: denial of a claim, they paid you less, or they never attended to your claim.


At Florida Claims Advisors we protect and defend the rights of owners since 2009.

Request your Free Inspection.

The claim process consists of several steps, so at the moment in which you allow us to represent you, we give you in writing the steps of the process and the person in charge of each stage so that you can call and consult the progress of your case when you want.

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At Florida Claims Advisors, we have protected and defended the rights of home and business owners since 2009.
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Filing a Claim is Your Right

Do you have damages in your home or has your business lost income? You may be entitled to compensation. We take your case from start to finish, without you having to deal with the insurance company. You just have to contact us.