Sinkholes, Wind and Flood Damage

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Wind damage

Wind storms do not provide a warning and create a high amount of damage with falling trees, fence and roof damage to name a few. If you have been affected by incremental weather, contact us to perform an inspection, assess the damage and analyze your policy to walk you through your claim.

Flood Damage and Sinkholes

Although these types of damages are not very frequent, they are sometimes present in insurance policies. Sinkholes are found throughout Florida in residential and commercial properties and owners should be aware of the possible effects.

They occur where there are significant amounts of clay, and over time, erosion and deposition cause the sediment to collapse, forming a hole of considerable diameter, which can swallow entire houses.

Essentially, a sinkhole is a cavity in the ground, most commonly caused by water erosion. Some warning signs are:

  • Cracks in exterior walls, foundations and interior walls
  • Inclined floors, damage to roofs and structural foundations
  • Accumulation of groundwater
  • Trees that sink and fall.
  • Earth depressions

If you see this type of signs, give it the importance it deserves and call us and we will do the inspection of the case.

Filing a Claim is Your Right

Do you have damages in your home or has your business lost income? You may be entitled to compensation. We take your case from start to finish, without you having to deal with the insurance company. You just have to contact us.