Fire Damages

Solicita tu Inspección gratuita.

Nuestro compromiso es llevar el proceso de la forma correcta y justa, buscando siempre la mayor compensación posible para nuestros clientes y siempre con transparencia en el proceso.

Damage from Electrical Damage

Electrical appliances and household appliances could be the cause of a fire if the cable is defective or if there is an overload in an electric line. They can cause devastating damage to your home or business. If you have suffered this type of damage remember, that making a claim is your right and we are here to help you to protect your rights against insurance companies.

Grease Fire Damage

A simple oversight in the kitchen can cause a fire, especially when there is a pan with oil or grease on the stove, causing damage to your home or business. Call us we and will perform a free inspection and walk you through the process to make your claim. 

Filing a Claim is Your Right

Do you have damages in your home or has your business lost income? You may be entitled to compensation. We take your case from start to finish, without you having to deal with the insurance company. You just have to contact us.